Pictures of my 1997 Corvette

I know they aren't the best pictures, but I just wanted to get something out here.  You can click on any picture to get the full version, then use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

T_LisaInVette01.jpg (5770 bytes) This was taken at the S&P Ranch.   That is my friend Lisa in front of the car
T_SPVette01.jpg (5077 bytes) This was also taken at the Ranch.   This is the best front view I had.
T_Vette10.jpg (7332 bytes) Here is a side view of the car.  You can see the profile from this angle.
T_Vette08.jpg (6850 bytes) Here is an angle view.  Some say the way the rear window connects to the back of the car resembles the NSX.
T_Vette00.jpg (5901 bytes) Another angle view.
T_Vette12.jpg (7219 bytes) You can start to see the back of the car here.
T_Vette13.jpg (5443 bytes) Some people say the back end of the C5 is too big.  I disagree. My ex-girlfriend had a bigger ass than this.  I love it.

Well, that's about all for now.  Check back soon for a great Corvette page!

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