Cool things about my car

There is a sensor in the dash that measures the intensity of sunlight, and adjusts the brightness of the lights in the dash and the backlight gauges accordingly.
The sound system is equipped with speed compensated volume (SCV) which will adjust the volume of your sound system for road noise as you speed up or slow down.
The anti-theft device has passive arming with the remote.  It senses as you are walking away (via a weakening RF signal), and locks the doors and arms the vehicle. It also senses when you are nearing the vehicle (via an increasing RF signal), and unlocks the door and disables the alarm.
It has a "Memory" option that allows it to remember the seat positions, mirror positions, climate control preferences, and even radio station and EQ preferences for up to 3 people. It will even automatically set these for each person, by knowing who you are by sensing which alarm remote you carry.
It has dual-zone climate controls so the driver and passenger each have their own temperature settings.
Both the drivers seat and passengers seat have 6-way controls plus 3 different lumbar supports.
You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of everything in the car. Everything fits so perfectly it is hard to explain. Just sitting in the car, the position of your body to all the controls is just right. The grooves in the steering wheel are just right for your arms, with both arm rests sitting just at elbow level
The car has 2 radio antennas, although you don't see either (without close inspection). They are both built into the glass: 1 in the front windshield, and the other in the rear glass of the hatchback.
The car not only has ABS (anti-lock brake system), but also traction control, which can control the spinning of the rear wheels if there is too much acceleration (by reducing the amount of throttle and tapping the rear brakes). This option can be turned off.
This car is very comfortable for the passenger as they have their own 6-way seat controls with 3 lumbar supports, their own climate controls, and their own air-bag.
The C5 is so much quieter running than precious models, they added a feature that won't let the starter engage if the car is already running.
Although all the gages are very simple to read, and appear to be analog, they are actually very accurate digital gauges, including the speedometer. They change on the fly from English (miles, pounds/sq in, Fahrenheit) to metric (kilometers, kilograms/sq cm, Celsius). As you are driving, you can press the English/Metric button, and your speedometer will change from 75 to 121 (mi/hr to km/hr) along with your pressures and temperatures.
The automatic climate control is very accurate. It uses an internal temperature sensor, external temperature sensor, and a UV light sensor to sense the amount of sunlight hitting the car to figure out the proper temperature and fan settings for the air-conditioning and heat.
The car has a display just above the steering wheel that can tell you all kinds of information at the press of a button, including coolant temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, battery volts, and even individual tire pressure for each tire.
The roof of the car is a "targa top" which can be removed completely for an almost-convertible feeling. With the roof on, you can see through it from the inside (to see the sky, or the rain falling down at you, or to see if the traffic signal you are directly under is still green).
The car is equipped with "run-flat" tires, which means that even if there is a big hole in the tire, and there is 0 tire pressure, the tire still looks normal, and you can drive on it. The only way you know that you have a flat is if the computer tells you.
The massive tires are P245/45 ZR-17 with 8.5 x 17" rims in the front and even bigger P275/40 ZR-18 with 9.5 18" rims in the rear. They are unidirectional run-flat Goodyear F1 series tires.
The side view mirrors are heated so they don't fog up in the cold.
If you forget to turn off any of the interior lights, they turn off automatically. If you forget to turn off the headlights, there is a warning that reminds you to turn them off.
If you forget to turn off your turn signal after 3/4 of a mile, there is a warning that dings to remind you.
The climate control will tell you what the temperature is outside the car, as well as the setting for the temperature inside.
After you arrive at your destination and turn off the key (you can even remove it and put it in your pocket) the radio and power windows, etc. continue to work until a door is opened (will automatically shut off after 15 minutes if no doors are opened by then).